What are the benefits that exercise can bring to your life?

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Physical activities are good for health and this is no secret to anyone.

When a person embraces a routine that includes more physical exercises, it is possible to enjoy several health benefits and also improve the quality of life.

Unfortunately, many people are still sedentary and the advancement of technology ends up allowing and encouraging the population to do everything without leaving the place, without leaving home.

Performing physical exercises is suitable for all individuals, but not all people can follow these recommendations.

As we mentioned above, today, due to the technology we have access to, we spend more time connected to the online universe and, often, we put aside sports practices and other activities that make the body move.

It is very common, for example, to see people shopping online for supermarkets, instead of going to the physical store. There are many amenities in the digital world and Brazilians are increasingly staying at home.

According to studies carried out by the WHO in 2018, one in four adults has characteristics of a sedentary lifestyle.

The use of medication, poor diet, overwork and lack of exercise are some of the factors that influence the rate of death caused by diseases among Brazilians.

Cancer, cardiovascular problems, respiratory diseases and diseases that affect the liver are the most common among sedentary people.

A sedentary lifestyle may seem harmless, but it is the main cause of obesity, in addition to the fact that high levels of fat also cause the body to remain in a constant pro-inflammatory state, producing certain cytokines capable of inhibiting the action of insulin receptors located in target tissues.

As a result, the body has a condition of insulin resistance, causing the dreaded type II diabetes.

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Among the main advantages of doing physical activities, we can highlight:

Reduces the tendency to depression; 

· Increases the feeling of energy both for work and for personal hobbies;

· Helps to carry out daily activities, eliminating fatigue and increasing productivity;

· Helps you sleep and rest better;

· Improves self-image;

· Improves blood circulation and maintains healthy bones and joints;

· Helps control weight;

· Increases mood in everyday life;

· Promotes physical and mental well-being.

In addition to all these benefits, the main one is the possibility of preventing the person from developing diseases in the future.

You don't have to be an athlete to not be sedentary. Practicing 30 minutes of daily physical exercises during the week will already make a huge difference in the body, as well as helping with weight maintenance/loss.

People who are physically active say that they continue to keep their bodies moving because one of the great benefits of physical activity is an improvement in their psychological state.

Lower levels of anxiety and depression, more self-confidence and greater ability to deal with domestic and professional stress were reported.

As many of the situations that cause stress are unavoidable, we must always look for something that releases daily tensions.

Therefore, it is also important that companies carry out campaigns to promote the regular practice of physical exercises as a way to maintain the well-being of their employees.

Don't forget about the benefits of physical activity, and whenever possible, practice your favorite exercises. Invest in your well-being!

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Physical activities are good for health and this is no secret to anyone.


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