Saúde em dia

Health up to date

Outdoor activities help a lot in muscle strengthening, disease prevention, and along with

Quais são os cuidados que devemos ter com um paciente diabético?

What are the precautions that

It is necessary to know the disease well to know how to keep it under control and get more

Quais são os benefícios que os exercícios podem trazer para a sua vida?

What are the benefits that

Physical activities are good for health and this is no secret to anyone.

A importância das atividades físicas para os idosos

The importance of physical activity for the elderly

According to the IBGE, the number of people considered senior citizens grows every day.

Por que é tão importante cuidar da saúde mental hoje em dia (e sempre)?

why is it so important

Taking care of mental health prevents the onset of diseases such as depression and anxiety, as well as promoting better quality of life.

Dicas para ajudar no cuidado da pessoa com deficiência

Tips to help with care

Many people have gone through a fair skirt or have a certain insecurity because they don't know