Health up to date

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Outdoor activities help a lot in muscle strengthening, disease prevention, and along with a good diet, provide more disposition, reasoning, balance and motivation. Getting a good night's sleep is also important for our health. It is not recommended that you sleep a lot, but that you have quality sleep. Keeping a diet […]

What care should we take with a diabetic patient?

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It is necessary to know the disease well to know how to keep it under control and achieve more moments of well-being. In diabetes, the body is unable to produce insulin or does not properly use the insulin it produces. There are two types: type 1, of autoimmune origin, which is normally seen in younger people like children and […]

What are the benefits that exercise can bring to your life?

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Physical activities are good for health and this is no secret to anyone. When a person embraces a routine that includes more physical exercises, it is possible to enjoy several health benefits and also improve the quality of life. Unfortunately, many people are still sedentary and the advancement of technology ends up […]

The importance of physical activity for the elderly

According to the IBGE, the number of people considered senior citizens grows every day. This data shows how important it is for the elderly to have better health and quality of life. For this, it is necessary for them to be aware that they have access to effective means of improving their overall well-being. In addition to helping […]

Why is it so important to take care of mental health today (and always)?

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Taking care of mental health prevents the onset of diseases such as depression and anxiety, as well as promoting better quality of life. Mental health care should be a priority in our lives, as the mind is as important as the body. Unfortunately, most people don't think that way, and […]

Tips to help care for a person with a disability

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Many people have gone through a rough patch or have a certain insecurity for not knowing how to act or address people with disabilities. Generally, the biggest fear is approaching in a way that the person feels incapable, belittled, or diminished by their condition. We all want the inclusion of these people in society to be active, and […]

The practice of yoga

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Contrary to what many think, the practice of yoga has no religious connection, and its focus is to connect body and mind through breathing exercises. Breathing exercises and daily meditation are great remedies against stress and irritability. In addition to improving the functioning of the lungs, it also improves concentration and […]

Who cares for the elderly is entitled to receive any benefit?

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The law guarantees several rights to people over 60, and many of these rights are in the Elderly Statute. But what about who takes care of the elderly is entitled to receive some benefit? Due to some type of illness or even old age, some family members end up taking on the responsibility of caring for another person, […]

Rare diseases: the importance of the caregiver

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The reality of those who need to collect blood, take prescription drugs, attend appointments, participate in physical therapy, use specialized equipment and access various social support services is very tiring, both for those who are cared for and for those who care. It is a routine that, added to everyday life, proves to be extremely challenging, especially for those affected by […]

Tips for maintaining a good relationship as a caregiver

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Every day the number of people who need a caregiver to carry out their day-to-day tasks grows, whether because of old age or some illness that requires special care. But do you know what the relationship between the family of those who need care and the caregiver should be like? You […]